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Officer Resources
When in Doubt, Check it Out! (The Handbook!)
When it comes to getting answers to questions about the operation of local chapters, the best place to check is the online 2014 AAPC Local Chapter Handbook. For example if you would like to know:

  • If you can avoid paying sales tax on purchases for the chapter…see chapter 2, 2.1.
  • If you are required to keep minutes for officer meetings…see chapter 2, 7.1.
  • What benefits are available to officers for their service…see chapter 3, section 2.
  • Which officers must hold credentials…see chapter 4, 1.2.2.
  • How to submit minutes…see chapter 5,
  • How to run a chapter election…see chapter 6.
  • When new officers can start scheduling events for the next year…see chapter 6, 7.3.
  • If members must be certified to attend meetings…see chapter 7 1.2.
  • What a chapter must to do to be eligible to compete for Chapter of the Year…see chapter 10, 2.1.
  • How chapter funds can be spent…see chapter 12, 2. 

Reading the handbook from cover to cover is not a requirement for officers, however, officers are strongly encouraged to read Chapter Five which covers the responsibilities of officers. Additionally, officers are expected to be generally familiar with the handbook’s contents. The best way to become informed is to study relevant sections when questions or issues arise. Simply go to the table of contents and you’ll have a quick reference to the particular topic in question. That presents a good opportunity to become informed on that topic, and subsequently an expert on the rules, one chapter at a time.
Thank you for your patience!
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