JUN/JUL/AUG – Meetings/Exams

Raise Exam Limits
The end of the year is quickly approaching, and as the number of examinees increases chapter officers are needed to step up to fill the gap. Please help examinees realize their certification goals by raising the seating limits of any 4th quarter exams to accommodate as many examines as possible. If that is not a possibility due to space limitation, try scheduling an additional date. The goal is to make the exams available for all members who must become certified before the end of the year.
Schedule all Meetings
In the 2014 AAAPC Local Chapter Handbook it states that in order to maintain a chapter in good standing, officers are expected to sponsor at least six meetings annually where CEUs are offered. Education officers are primarily responsible for securing chapter meeting education, applying for CEU approval, issuing CEUs to attendees, and attesting to information on the CEU form. Now is the time for education officers to review the chapter’s standing. Be sure to schedule all required meetings and exams if you haven’t yet done so. Failure to comply could mean withholding of chapter reimbursements or CEUs.
Solicitation at Chapter Meetings
Occasionally, officers are solicited by vendors, who may ask if they can sponsor a meeting or give a presentation, and be able to sell their products or services in return. A chapter meeting is not the place for promotion of individuals or companies. Companies may offer to sponsor a meal, give a donation, or provide a technical presentation, but they may not promote themselves at the meeting. They could be announced as a sponsor and then their information could be placed in the back for interested parties to view.
When vendors receive approval for AAPC CEUs for their products they are made aware that they should not contact chapter officers. However, certain vendors are currently contacting officers inappropriately. Sometimes these vendors present themselves as if they are affiliated with AAPC and they are not. If you are contacted by a vendor, realize there is no obligation on your part. If you have questions about any of this, you should always contact AAPC for direction.

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