ICD-10 Monitor: Talk Ten Tuesday

In the most recent episode of the Talk Ten Tuesdays podcast, Betty Hovey, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CCS-P, CPC-H, CPCD reported on the 2nd Code-a-Thon held sept 15th.  The event was hosted by CMS and AAPC in an effort to ensure health care providers and other industry professionals are preparing for the transition to ICD-10.
“AAPC’s ICD-10 expert coders including myself, Peggy Stilley, [Jacqueline] Stack, and—of course—Rhonda [Buckholtz], answered ICD-10 coding questions for three hours by live stream.” said Betty Hovey. “We looked at more than 600 questions on ICD-10-CM and PCS…a lot of good information was shared with the attendees.”
The September 2014 Code-a-Thon transcripts are available for download.


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