SEP – Meetings/Exams

Extra Exams in 4th Quarter
We appreciate the many officers who have responded to our request to set up additional exam sites during November and December. This helps accommodate the influx of examinees we see this time each year. Many are scrambling to find sites where they can test, so if your chapter is able to schedule an additional exam in December, please do so. It will be much appreciated by those examinees.
Respect for Proctor Instructions
Cell phones, smart phones and tablets are not allowed with examinees during the exam. The exam proctor instructions state that proctors should ask examinees to return their devices to their cars, or to power them off and place them on the proctors’ table, if they have no car. This is an important step to follow before the exam begins because, if at any time during or at the completion of the exam, an examinee is seen with an electronic device, this would disqualify his or her exam.
Patience Please…
When requesting CEUs for chapter meetings, please remember that requests should be uploaded on AAPC’s website 30 days in advance but no later than two weeks before the meeting. Because the CEU Vendor team is changing its processes to better serve the members, there is a little bit longer waiting time for approval than usual. The earlier the event is scheduled, the better chance it will be approved before the meeting.

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