ICD-10 Monitor: Talk Ten Tuesday

Two AAPC members were recently invited to speak on the Talk Ten Tuesday podcast.
Deb Grider,CCS-P CDIP CPC CPMA CPC-H CPC-P  emphasized the importance of testing. She suggested providers make a list of their top 10-15 payers, and get on their testing schedule. “…we’re probably going to go live with ICD-10.” said Grider, in reference to the upcoming implementation date. “We’ve had so many delays that we have to start getting ready.”
Leigh Williams, MHIIM, RHIA, CPC, CPHIMS reported that when she talks to those preparing for ICD-10, they often admit ICD-10 isn’t the only area needing improvement; specifically citing process improvement and language improvement as examples. “Wouldn’t it be great to improve those [areas] regardless of ICD-10?” she asked. Framing the question in this way tends to “relive the anxiety about whether there’s a delay or not.” she pointed out.
Leigh Williams then argued how an expanded code set can improve public health, using the current Ebola crisis as an example. “We have a specific code, we didn’t in ICD-9,” she said.  “So how can ICD-10 be impactful in a very real situation today?” she asked rhetorically.
Listen to the full episode that aired on Oct. 7.


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