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Coding Robot-assisted Surgery

Coding Robot-assisted Surgery

Robotic surgery is covered by routine and customary laparoscopic CPT® and ICD-9-CM coding practices, existing medical policies for advanced laparoscopic surgery, and current payer contract rates. The primary surgical procedure remains laparoscopic: You should not report unlisted procedure codes or modifier 22 Increased procedural services for robotic assistance (except perhaps, for instance, there is no existing laparoscopic code to describe a procedure).
Although any insurance covering minimally invasive surgery (including Medicare) generally covers robotic surgery, no additional payment is made when a robotic surgical technique is used.
For instance, if the surgeon performs radical, nerve sparing prostatectomy with robot assist, the appropriate code is 55866 Laparoscopy, surgical prostatectomy, retropubic radical, including nerve sparing, includes robotic assistance, when performed.
If your payer accepts HCPCS Level II S codes, you may report S2900 Surgical techniques requiring use of robotic surgical system (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure) in addition to the primary procedure code to identify the procedure as robotic-assisted. Note that S codes are not payable under Medicare, and likely won’t result in additional payment from any insurer.

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2 Responses to “Coding Robot-assisted Surgery”

  1. Mekra says:

    Can anyone help me with this, can we code robotic assisted cpt along with abdominal reconstruction procedures CPT 15734
    Code S2900 doesn’t list cpt 15734 under Primary px list

  2. Jen says:

    What type of documentation is required to support S2900? If the op-note simply says, “Getting nice secure fit and placed the MAKO array.” Would that support S2900 since MAKO is a robotic system for a TKA?