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Nearly 550 New, Changed, and Deleted codes for CPT 2015

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  • October 17, 2014
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CPT® 2015 includes nearly 550 new, changed, and deleted codes, as well as added and revised guidelines, parenthetical comments, and terminology. The changes will especially affect family practice, internal medicine, cardiovascular, gastrology, pathology/laboratory, and radiology. Seven changes affect the evaluation and management (E/M) section; E/M services represent the most often reported codes in the CPT® codeset.
In Category I codes, spinal procedures (e.g., arthrodesis) in both the 20000 and 60000 codes sections of the CPT® Surgical chapter received a revamp. More than 56 new and changed codes mark the cardiovascular sections, in both Surgery and Medicine chapters. Pathology/Laboratory codes were significantly remodeled, with 139 new and changed codes and 49 deleted. Digestive codes saw 57 new and changed codes, with none deleted.
Category III emerging technology codes, which are frequently changed, saw 39 added, six changed, and 26 deleted, while the relatively stable Category II quality codes saw four changes.

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No Responses to “Nearly 550 New, Changed, and Deleted codes for CPT 2015”

  1. Jo Anna Stewart says:

    How will I get informed of the many changes?

  2. Nick Nichols says:

    You have to pay the AMA for the rights to see the changes, since they “own” the codes.

  3. Brenda Edwards says:

    AAPC’s quarterly workshop will focus on the CPT changes for 2015. You can get more information and sign-up here on the website!

  4. jaime lijo says:

    What about all the changes with the modifiers? I hear AMA with revamp modifier 59 and add four more CPT modifiers. Will modifiers be included in your discussion?

  5. Nancy says:

    Will these changes effect the upcoming CPT exam for January 2015?

  6. CP says:

    Modifier 59 is being changed by CMS not AMA. The CPT changes will be noted in your new 2015 CPT book with a red dot as well as in Apoendix B. If you want the rationale, you can purchase a book from the AMA called Insider’s View.

  7. Jen MBA, CPC, CPC-H, CCS-P says:

    Actually, you can purchase the new CPT data set from the AMA on their website.https://commerce.ama-assn.org/store/catalog/productDetail.jsp?skuId=sku2560030&productId=prod2560012

  8. Kathy Willson says:

    the AMA puts out a great inexpensive book annually (for order)callwd ” cpt Changes:an insiders view for 2015. Should be available Nov or early Dec. Easy to use and you can quickly update your information. See the phone or web. amastore.com or 800-621-8335 AMA members ( your Phys. may be a memmber and you will qualify for discount) call 800-262-3211. Good Luck

  9. vinoth says:

    Tomosynthesis have separate CPT code 2015?
    to replace that unlisted code.