2009 Workshops

AAPC’s 2009 Workshops to Focus on Effective Coder-Physician Communication, Successful Audits and Correctness in Coding

Workshops will provide attendees with practice-centric tips, training and strategies

As part of its ongoing efforts to maintain the highest level of continuing education and to help its members stay abreast of the ongoing changes in the health care industry, the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC, www.aapc.com) announces the topics for its 2009 workshops. The workshops will be held quarterly in more than 60 cities nationwide.
The four, practice-centric workshop topics for 2009 are:

  • Communicate With Confidence to Physicians: Coding as a Second Language

Effectively communicating with physicians—what to say, how and when to say it and how to achieve positive results—is a crucial part of a coder’s job in any practice. Dr. Joseph Sivak, a board certified general psychiatrist and trained disaster mental health specialist with more than 15 years of clinical experience, has written this curriculum. It will help train attendees on the persuasive communication skills necessary to manage challenging situations with physicians and how to enact positive changes as a result of those situations.

  • Prepare for Recovery Audits: Avoiding Painful Outcomes

Estimates show that $20 billion in overpayments is reimbursed for office visits and consultations each year. Payers are looking for ways to ensure accuracy. While there is no way to avoid an audit, this workshop will prepare attendees for surviving an audit with favorable results.

  • Surefire Methods for Defensible Coding: Know What Makes it Correct

No one likes to be wrong, but for a coder, mistakes are transparent and hold potential for big problems such as denials, failed audit results and lost practice revenue. In order to have the most successful outcomes, coders need to have complete confidence in their accuracy and watertight arguments that will win. The emphasis of this workshop is on correct code selection, interpreting rules and creating winning arguments.

  • Advanced E/M Coding and Auditor Techniques

Selecting the right claims for an audit, using audit forms with reproducible and consistent results, and creating a report that communicates audit findings concisely are three of the key lessons attendees will learn in this crucial coding workshop.
Each workshop runs for three hours, and participants can earn up to six CEUs per workshop. Registration is $149.95 for AAPC members and $189.95 for non-members. Registration can be completed by downloading the registration form online at https://www.aapc.com/training/medical-coding-classes.aspx, or by calling 800-626-2633.
More information, including a list of locations and dates, is available online at https://www.aapc.com/training/medical-coding-classes.aspx.


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