OCT – Meetings/Exams

Now that Elections Have Been Held
2015 Officers Should Meet and Plan
If you are elected to become a 2015 officer, gear up for the new year now. Gather all the 2015 officers together and create a plan for 2015. Discuss your educational goals, ideas for seminars, ways to increase attendance, and possible surveys of members. Exam dates should be planned now and scheduled as soon as possible.
2015 Officers Must Agree to Terms of Service
Remember that 2015 officers can schedule 2015 events once they have agreed to the officer terms of service. Upcoming officers simply log on at aapc.com, scroll over My AAPC, click on My Chapter, and then click on Officer Resources to see the agreement. Names of future officers will not appear online until they have agreed to the terms.
Give New Officers Proctoring Experience
As all first proctors must be experienced, now is the time to make sure 2015 officers get trained on the proctoring responsibilities. Encourage them to serve as second or third proctors for the remaining 2014 exams if they have never done so before. Also, take the time to educate them on proctoring information (found in the handbook, online, and in the exam packets). Make sure to cover:

  • Scheduling
  • Choosing locations
  • Sending information to examinees
  • Additional resources your chapter provides, if applicable
    • A “loaner” set of current year code books
    • Review classes
  • The importance of reading the proctor instructions each time they proctor because changes are made frequently
  • The importance of proctors upholding the integrity of our credentials

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