Cardiopulmonary Monitoring Is Often Bundled

Remember that cardiopulmonary monitoring services (e.g., 94770 Carbon dioxide, expired gas determination by infrared analyzer) are regularly bundled as inclusive components of procedures reported by the performing provider (e.g., surgeon or anesthesiologist). In such cases, you would not report the cardiopulmonary monitoring independently.
Chapter 1 of the National Correct Coding Initiative Policy Manual for Medicare Services formalizes this policy, stating, “Many procedures require cardiopulmonary monitoring either by the physician performing the procedure or an anesthesia practitioner. Since these services are integral to the procedure, they are not separately reportable. Examples of these services include cardiac monitoring, pulse oximetry, and ventilation management (e.g., 93000-93010, 93040-93042, 94760, 94761, 94770).”

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2 Responses to “Cardiopulmonary Monitoring Is Often Bundled”

  1. Kirsten Levy says:

    I work in a PCP office and I always thought that pulse oximetry – CPT 94760 was considered to be bundled with the E&M just as you had stated above, however, this months’ Healthcare Business Monthly from AAPC seems to state otherwise.
    If you have a moment to read the article on “Don’t leave money on the Nebulizer Table” I would like to know how you interpret it. I would very much appreciate your feedback
    Thank You

  2. Robin Andreas says:

    Why is the status indicator listed as ‘S’ for 94770 if it is considered a bundled service? If it is bundled into ventilator maintenance codes (94002 and 94003) then why is there not a CCI edit in place? In what instances would it be appropriate to code/charge 94770 separately? Our institution has been denied for several claims – the reason states “the monitoring of EtCO2 is the standard of care in all specialty units and charges are denied.”