AMA Posts Corrections to CPT® 2010

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  • November 16, 2009
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By now the official CPT® 2010 manual is either in your hands or on its way. To ensure coding accuracy, however, you will need to update your book with some new information now posted on the AAPC Web site.

In the AMA’s  Corrections Document – CPT® 2010, identified are several typographical errors in page numbers in early chapters. The most significant changes to coders are in the Surgery chapter. For example:

  • Add the revision symbol (Δ) to codes 31623-31625 to reflect the inclusion of the words “include” and “when performed” as identified in the parent code 31622.
  • Add the revision symbol (Δ) to codes 46257 and 46261 to reflect the revision of parent code 46255 to include the words “single, column/group” and the change of parent code 46260 to include “2 or more columns/groups.”
  • Change 64999 to 0213T-0218T in guidance for Paravertebral Spinal Nerves and Branches above code 64490.

In the Pathology and Laboratory chapter, in the table of contents, the far right column header should be changed from “Qualitative” to “Quantitative.”

In the Category III codes chapter, a parenthetical comment should be added below 0130T saying “0140 has been deleted. To report use 83897.”

Medical coding books

Medical coding books

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  1. Rose-Marie says:

    I believe there is a typo at the end of your article, it is incorrectly referencing 83897 when it is 83987.
    The AMA errata shows the following:
    “Delete code 0140T and add instructional parenthetical note to instruct the user to report 83987”

  2. Pat says:

    corrections to cpt 2010

  3. Julie Curay says:

    The new code paravertebral facet block is there a guideline/policy for medicare?