FEB – Meetings/Exams

Hosting Local Chapter Meetings
Officers are required to sponsor six meetings per year where CEUs are offered. You may sponsor additional events at your own discretion. Hosting a seminar (not required) may count as one of your meetings. Follow the suggestions below to help create a successful chapter meetings.

  • When planning the meetings, pick a convenient day and location. Use the same day, time, and location every month. This will help members plan in advance.
  • Plan meetings as far in advance as possible, remembering that CEU approval may take a longer for meetings held earlier in the year.
  • If attendance is down, try scheduling meetings on a different day or time.
  • When applying for CEUs remember that you can follow up with questions at localchaptersceus@aapc.com.
  • Always queue the system to send event reminders to your members one, three, seven or 30 days in advance of the meeting.
  • Keep your meetings low cost or no cost; if you need to charge a fee to offset the cost of food, printing or venue, we ask that it be as minimal as possible.
  • Keep the food/refreshments simple; the focus of the meeting should be on the educational content.
  • Always upload meeting attendance forms immediately after the meeting.
  • Remind members to verify their contact information at aapc.com. They will not receive automated email event reminders if information is incorrect.

Scheduling Local Chapter Exams
AAPC has received numerous phone calls from members and instructors concerning the lack of exam locations currently available. Of our 515 chapters, only 132 chapters have all four required exams scheduled. We need your help to provide exams in the first quarter for our members.

One of the most important chapter officer responsibilities is overseeing the proctoring of certification examinations. Many AAPC members are required to be certified by their employers. Chapter officers make that possible and convenient by hosting exams locally. Officers are required to host four chapter hosted exams each year. It is important to remember that:

  • One exam should be planned each quarter, even if you are unaware of chapter members who need to test. Schedule exams for potential examinees who search AAPC’s website for upcoming exam dates.
    • You’ll be surprised how fast your exam will fill up.
  • Our guidelines state that exams are scheduled eight weeks out, but to accommodate the members seeking exam sites right away, we are willing to assist you by manually uploading your first quarter exam information, assuming you are able to host at the end of February or sometime in March.
  • Exam sites must be able to accommodate at least five examinees.
  • Exams are always sent to the 1st proctor.
    • When scheduling exams, be aware that someone must sign for the exams upon delivery; email us at localchapters@aapc.com and state “Help Schedule an Exam” in the subject line.
    • Double check the address for accuracy. If the address is incorrect, exams may get lost, which may lead to cancelled exams.

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