MAR – Meetings/Exams

Cancelling Chapter Meetings

Extreme weather conditions have recently caused officers to consider cancelling scheduled chapter meetings. Some officers have wondered what to do in such cases. There is no written policy on when meetings should be held or cancelled; the decision is left to the local officers. We stress that officers should always consider the safety of their members. The following procedure should be followed when local officers cancel a meeting:

  • Log on at and click on the meeting
  • Click on the “edit event” button
  • Scroll down to “Cancel this meeting” (right above the RSVP area)
  • Click the box

If a meeting is cancelled using the procedure above, AAPC’s system will auto-send cancellation notices to all members assigned to the chapter.

Changing Exam Locations and Dates

Once officers schedule exam dates and the information appears online examinees will register for the exam. They will expect to take the exam at that time and place scheduled when registering. Please avoid changing the location. Examinees schedule their exam based on the date and location. Changing locations creates additional stress. Additionally, examinees plan in advance to be on time for the exam. Last-minute changes to a location may necessitate traveling to a less convenient site and increase unplanned travel time. Also, be aware that once examinees have registered for an exam, the date may not be changed. We appreciate officers who go the extra mile to alleviate stress for examinees.
For weather-related questions, please refer to the proctor instructions.

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