Reflect, Reassess, and Reinvest in Your Chapter

Giving back raises everyone up to a new level of success.

By Peter Davidyock, CPC, CPMA
Take a moment to consider the time, effort, and money you’ve put into making yourself a professional. Between formal schooling or webinars, participating in regional seminars or national conferences, and attending speaking engagements at chapter meetings, you’ve invested quite a lot.
Reflect on Your Success
Take another moment to consider how you might reinvest those professional “dividends” in your AAPC local chapter. If you’re a speaker at your local chapter, you’ve already begun reinvesting your dividends. If you speak at regional and national conferences, but have not spoken at your local chapter in a long time, schedule an hour this coming year. If speaking isn’t your strong suit, what is? Determine where your strengths lie and then share the wealth. Your chapter will benefit, and you’ll feel great knowing you’re making a solid investment.
Reassess Members’ Needs
Each year, reassess what your chapter needs. Are the educational opportunities keeping pace with members’ changing needs? Has your local chapter grown and evolved since the day you joined? Is your chapter functioning efficiently?
Besides investing your personal resources, consider reinvesting the chapter’s surplus funds at the end of the year to purchase much-needed resources. New electronic equipment, for example, may help your chapter improve in more ways than one. For example:
Laptop. A laptop is an invaluable tool for the chapter treasurer and secretary. Meeting notes can be generated and submitted to AAPC and bank statements can be electronically delivered, stored, and readily available for the treasurer at each meeting. Chapter newsletters can be developed and stored. When the officers’ tenure is up, the laptop is handed over to the incoming officers. All of the financial records, meeting minutes, and newsletter templates are easily passed to successors.
Multimedia projector. A multimedia projector is a must have for any chapter. Being fully equipped makes it easier for members to present education material and helps the speaker who travels to your chapter. Sometimes, people are hesitant to present at your chapter because they do not have the equipment necessary. If you can provide the equipment, all they need to do is develop the presentation.
DVDs. Videos on coding, anatomy, CPT®, and ICD are also great educational investments that can be handed down to each generation of the chapter.
Reinvest Locally and Nationally
If your chapter has already made these reinvestments or if you are personally reinvesting in your chapter, congratulations! If everything is smooth sailing at the local level, consider helping the broader community. AAPC has members and chapters that struggle day to day. Some worry about education and exams. Others suffer when they lose everything due to a natural disaster. These members need you.
On the national level, making a donation to the AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship Program or Project AAPC, either as a chapter or an individual, is a philanthropic investment. The Hardship Scholarship fund helps members retain their membership and certification during financial crisis. Project AAPC is a charity to help victims of catastrophic disasters. At this level, you may never know who you have helped or how you have helped, but know that you have made a world of difference.
You can donate by check made payable to the AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship Program or Project AAPC and sent to:
AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship Program
2480 South 3850 West, Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT 84120
2480 South 3850 West, Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT 84120

Peter Davidyock, CPC, CPMA, works for HCA Physician Services. He has been coding for four years and has experience in anesthesia, ear, nose, and throat, family medicine, pain management, cardiothoracic surgery and electrophysiology. He is a regular presenter at the Conway, South Carolina, local chapter. Davidyock is an AAPC Chapter Association region 3 representative and has held several offices.

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