For the Record: "Crossing Over to ICD-10"

A proposal is currently on the table to adopt and implement the new, more advanced system, ICD-10, by October 1, 2011. For the Record magazine spoke with representatives from different organizations and groups throughout the HIM industry, including AAPC’s Sheri Poe Bernard, to get their take on the proposed rule.
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No Responses to “For the Record: "Crossing Over to ICD-10"”

  1. Juliette Morell says:

    2015 is more realistic for all involved including payors, practices, HIM’s, and coders not to mention systems upgrades; dual systems for a good portion of time–expense. Haste makes Waste.

  2. Kristy Eaione says:

    I agree that 2015 is a more realistic goal

  3. Donna Housden says:

    Standard operating procedure for CMS is to announce a date and then extend the deadline a number of times. 2015 will probably be about right.