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2015 May MAYnia
How many attendees will “Spring to Your Chapter” for May MAYnia? Let’s collectively work together beginning now to spread the word about the value of attendance at AAPC local chapter meetings. Invite all of your healthcare associates and let them experience the education and networking first-hand. And while you’re sharing those benefits, don’t forget to mention the great gifts being given to attendees. The contest has changed this year so more members can benefit. Here’s how it will work:

  • Each chapter with a meeting scheduled in May will be sent freebies to hand out to all attendees
    • Freebies will be sent to the chapter president (please ensure your address is correct)
    • Number of freebies sent will be a percentage of the number of attendees at last year’s meeting
  • Additionally, each chapter will be sent several $50 May MAYnia coupons.
    • Coupons are redeemable for AAPC products and services
    • The number of coupons sent will be a percentage of the number of attendees at last year’s meeting
  • Every member that attends May MAYnia will receive 1 ticket to enter into a drawing for May MAYnia coupons
  • Members bringing non-AAPC members (guests)receive 3 extra tickets per attendee
  • Additionally, all guests qualify for a free AAPC Trial Membership
    • Trial membership equals 60 days of membership
  • And as always, the chapter with the most guests will win the grand prize – a two-hour presentation by an AAPC representative!

It’s easy to see, May is the time for you and your friends to Spring to Your Local AAPC Chapter!

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