APR – Financial Info

1st Quarter 2015 Financial Information Due
Meeting Attendance Sheets – Due Date April 15
It’s that time again. Meeting attendance sheets should be uploaded online in preparation for the quarterly reimbursement to chapters for holding meetings and exams. Treasurers are responsible to upload any meeting attendance sheets for meetings held in January, February or March. Sheets are due by April 15. If the information is not uploaded, the chapters is in jeopardy of losing the reimbursement for that quarter.
Quarterly Bank Account Summary – Not required
This tool is useful for officers so they can see the status of their chapter checking accounts at the end of the quarter. In some cases the tool has not been kept current and the information is not accurate. Your chapter may choose to continue to upload information, but going forward it is no longer required.
4th Quarter 2014 Reimbursement
Check your online bank statement to ensure a payment was made into your chapter’s checking account. Reimbursement payments for meetings and exams held during October, November and December of 2014 were deposited into chapter checking accounts on Mar. 17th.

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