APR – Meetings/Exams

Charging Fees to Non-AAPC Members
It has been brought to our attention that some chapters are charging non-members to attend meetings when there isn’t an attendance fee in place. It appears to be for financial gain for the chapter. This is concerning to us. Rather than being seen as a benefit of AAPC membership, we fear that chapter attendance is being portrayed as a way to profit off of non-members. Let us reiterate that non-AAPC members may attend up to 3 meetings without joining AAPC. Please help them feel welcomed and include them in the conversation. Once the 3 meeting limit has been met, non-members should become full members or discontinue attendance. Here in the national office, we see local chapter affiliation as one of the biggest benefits of AAPC membership. Please don’t undermine this resource by using it as a tool for chapter income.
Exam Coordinator
Because the credibility of the exam process is so important, we are working on implementing another position in the chapter: Exam Coordinator.

  • This would not be a local chapter officer but it would be an appointed position
  • This person would be the contact with AAPC on all chapter exam matters
  • This person would be responsible for everything related to the exam, setting exam dates and finding locations
  • The chapter would still receive the reimbursement for the exams

Please call the Local Chapter team at AAPC if you are interested in having your chapter serve as a beta for this.
Coming Soon – Proctor Training
AAPC is working on producing an on demand webinar for all officers which will cover the important aspects of serving as an AAPC exam proctor. The training will be free and include a post webinar quiz, which will qualify for CEUs. All officers are strongly encouraged to review the webinar. Watch for more details!
Exam Auditors
AAPC conducts unannounced random audits at exam sites to ensure proctors are administering exams properly. Auditors will identify themselves and will observe the exam administration.

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