MAY – Financial Info

1st Quarter 2015 Reimbursements Coming
By now, all requests for reimbursements should have been uploaded online in the Quarterly Meeting Reimbursement Request area of the website. If you have had problems in the past, please remember that:

  • Only treasurers and presidents have privileges to upload the sheets.
  • Oftentimes, sheets won’t upload because of the browser. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser to use.
  • You do not need to upload the Quarterly Bank Account Summary information. However it is no longer required. In order to submit the attendance sheets, you must attest and select submit.
  • If you upload the wrong attendance sheet, you may upload a different document. Your first upload will be deleted.

Reimbursements for meetings and exams held in January, February and March of 2015 will be deposited into the chapter checking accounts in May.
Chapters Receive Reimbursement for Guests In May!
As noted in the introduction of this newsletter, AAPC will reimburse chapters $1 for every guest, so be sure to have all guests sign in on the attendance sheet. Be sure to enter the number of guests as well as AAPC members in attendance when uploading the information online after the meeting. NOTE: Reimbursements are only given for meetings, not seminars or review classes.
Good Stewards Over Money
Treasurers and presidents should work together each month in the management of chapter funds. While it is the treasurer’s responsibility to maintain and account for all of the chapter budget, all officers should be included in the decisions concerning the allocation of the money. The president should work closely with the treasurer to stay up-to-date with all financial activity. Chapter bank accounts should be balanced once a month, and a financial report should be read at chapter meetings at least quarterly.

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