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Apply Timely for CEUs
30 Days in Advance
All chapter events should be submitted for CEU approval at least 30 days prior to the event. Requests submitted less than two weeks before the event risk not receiving CEU approval prior to the event date. Early submissions ensure timely processing, guaranteeing members will be notified of your event well in advance.
Changes to Approved Meetings
Sometimes changes must be made to approved meetings. The most common instances are when speakers cancel or topics are revised. In these cases, go to AAPC’s website, find the event, select Edit, and make the necessary changes. Approval to your edits are given priority by the CEU Vendor team, but please allow for processing time. Call us at 800-626-2633 if approval is urgent.
Resubmitting Edits or Requests
Email if you have submitted a request for approval of an edit and have not received a response after a week. Please do not resubmit edits or requests before contacting AAPC. Resubmitted requests cause duplication on the website.
Officer Training Webinar
Many officers have expressed appreciation for having access to officer training in their areas. For officers that have not have an opportunity to attend one of our in-person training sessions, look for the officer training webinar to be available online in May.

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