Turn Bad Cyber Feedback into a Positive Online Presence

Having an online presence for your practice is convenient for your patients, and helps to keep your staff attending to patients instead of answering common questions on the phone. In a matter of seconds, patients can look up your hours of operation, your location, the insurances you accept, policies, staff information, procedures, etc., which boosts patient satisfaction. The downside of online technology is the anonymity of social media and doctor-rating websites, which are a host for good, bad, and sometimes random feedback. Although these are great ways to find out what patients think, they also can be a breeding ground for digital disrespect. It’s just too easy for anyone to comment, and to say things he or she wouldn’t normally say to a person’s face. To help your practice’s doctors handle cyber attacks with grace and dignity, Physicians Practice has four tips that were featured in the article “Four Ways to Handle Cyber Conflict and Negative Reviews:”
  1. Ignore negative comments.
  2. Respond with respect.
  3. Draw the line.
  4. Hire a professional.
You can read in detail about how these four tips can help your online credibility on the Physician Practice website.

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