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2nd Quarter 2015 Reimbursements Requests Due July 15
As we draw to the end of the 2nd quarter of 2015, remember that it’s time to upload all meeting attendance sheets from the April, May, and June meetings. Additionally, AAPC will pay for all guests who attended the May MAYnia meetings so be sure to include those numbers as well. This reimbursement will be deposited into the chapter checking accounts on August 15.
In conjunction with this, there seems to be some confusion over reimbursements for seminars. Because chapters are required to hold meetings, there is a reimbursement paid at $1 per member-attendee for each meeting. Seminars, on the other hand, are not required and no reimbursement is paid. In May we asked officers to email their seminars attendance sheets so we could see which event (meeting or seminar) attracted the most guests.
Important Changes Effective Immediately
Profit and Loss Statement now required to be uploaded quarterly
The changes to the profit and loss statement are finally here. Our auditors now require profit and loss information from all local chapters on a quarterly basis. This information must be uploaded into the chapter profit and loss template on AAPC’s website by the officers. These changes are effective immediately.
Q1 and Q2 information due now
Because we are at the end of June, which brings us to the end of the second quarter, both quarters one and two are required at this time; the deadline is July 8.
Treasurers are responsible to upload the information
Submission of financial information is the responsibility of the treasurers, but presidents and secretaries also have access to the P&L template. We strongly encourage presidents and secretaries to contact chapter treasurers to see what assistance they can provide in ensuring the information is uploaded.
Chapters who comply are rewarded
We realize this is short notice and we apologize for that. As a reward for completing this task, we are giving $50 worth of AAPC bucks to every chapter submitting the information by the deadline, July 8.
Follow these easy steps
Treasurers, presidents, and secretaries received an email last week explaining the process in detail.  Click here to upload the information now or refer to these steps for review. If at any time you need help, feel free to contact us at 800-626-2633.
Easier down the road…
We are confident this new procedure will make uploading the chapter income and expenses an easier process. It will help keep financial records in order throughout the year. We also anticipate an easier transition from exiting officers to new officers at the end of the year.

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