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Help Members Understand ICD-10 Implementation Deadlines
Chapter members look to officers for answers to questions. Please help your members understand that all AAPC-certified members must demonstrate ICD-10 proficiency in order to maintain their AAPC credentials. It appears ICD-10 will be implemented October 1, 2015. In that case, AAPC’s deadline for members to demonstrate proficiency is December 31. Proficiency may be demonstrated through one of two methods: an online assessment or by completing an online course.
Always Use BCC Line
When sending emails to chapter members in mass, be sure to paste the addresses in the “bcc” line of the email as opposed to the “cc” line. Occasionally, members contact AAPC because well-meaning officers have “shared” their contact information with a list of many other people. Some members are very sensitive about their contact information being given out. When using the bcc line, none of the email addresses appear, keeping them confidential. If you have questions about this, please contact us at 800-626-2633 option 7.
Be Prepared with Information for Members at Chapter Meetings
Chapter members look to officers for information about timely happenings at AAPC. We have prepared this Hot Sheet of AAPC events/information which you can print and take for reference during your opening announcements at your next chapter meeting. It contains helpful information for members about upcoming events, important information to know, and current AAPC specials. If you have any questions beforehand, be sure to contact AAPC for details.
Earn .5 CEU for Reading this Officer News
Thank you for reading this important information for chapter officers. Now take this quiz and earn half a CEU (0.5). Stay on top of all AAPC updates for officers by visiting the Local Chapter Officer News page often. One new quiz offered each month!

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