SEP – Message from the AAPCCA Chair

Officer News – A combined effort
Welcome to the first combined issue of the AAPC Chapter Association News and the AAPC Local Chapter Department News. We are hoping that by combining our announcements, deadlines, and other useful information, you will save time by only having one email from both of us. Joining forces seemed like a great idea for us and we hope you like it, so please let us know what you think.
We each have varied interests and hobbies. My guilty pleasure is home improvement shows on TV. I enjoy seeing what people can do to improve their homes and their lives while they remodel their spaces. Maybe that’s why I like working with chapters so much. There is always something we can do together as members and officers to make our chapters better. Sometimes it’s simple paint job and other times it’s a complete tear-down. You have to decide what you need.
September is the perfect time to start thinking about improving AAPC local chapters, as we enter the time for chapter elections. I hope that your chapter members will recognize we need them and their fresh ideas to keep the educational programs we present entertaining and filled with quality information. Keep this in mind while you are searching for candidates. Not everyone has the same style; they may be antique, mid-century modern, rustic, or sophisticated, but when you bring together a new corps of officers there is much they can accomplish in an eclectic team. Get in there and build something you can be proud of!
Barbara Fontaine, CPC
AAPC Chapter Association Chair

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