SEP – What’s Happening at AAPC

Urgent Help Needed!
With the implementation of ICD-10 in October, there are more examinees than ever before. Additionally, the end of the year is quickly approaching, and the number of examinees always increases during this time. In some states, all test sites are already completely full. As you might expect, members are clamoring to get into the sites. Chapter officers can help accommodate the needs of these examinees by raising the seating limits of fourth quarter exams as much as possible. Try scheduling additional dates if the exam venue doesn’t allow for growth. AAPC’s goal is to accommodate as many examinees as possible.
Applications for Chapter Association Board of Directors Available Soon
Now is the time to consider serving AAPC on the national level. We are always seeking chapter officers who want to be more involved with members in their region and with the AAPC staff. Five positions on the AAPCCA’s Board of Directors will be vacated in spring of 2016 and replacements will be needed. Watch for information to come. In the meantime, consider speaking with the AAPCCA representative in your region about their role!
Surveying our Members
We are preparing surveys for our officers and members to analyze their needs relative to local chapter service and attendance. The surveys will be randomly sent to one chapter in each state. Please watch for these and take the time to respond.
2nd Quarter 2015 Reimbursement Paid
Check to ensure your reimbursement was received into your checking account around August 20th. Please contact us if there are any discrepancies or if there is a change in the bank account number.

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