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West Los Angeles CA Chapter
AAPC’s West Los Angeles Chapter is one that overflows with enthusiasm and entertaining education. The chapter meets monthly in a community room at a local shopping mall. They try to make meetings both fun and educational for their members.
Over the last few years they have had a representative from Noridian Medicare present several times a year. The Norididan representative is always a huge hit and now knows many of the chapter members. Quite a few of the members are coders/billers, so they get lots of information on Medicare claims, appeals, and denials. Even their “fun” meetings are learning experiences, as they focus on ICD-9 coding and medical terminology in the form of coding games. To show their appreciation, they have a raffle at the end of every meeting.
For the immediate future, the priority of the West Los Angeles chapter is making sure their members are ICD-10 ready. They’ve hosted two ICD-10 training sessions and are looking forward to hosting more ICD-10 related meetings. Many of their chapter members are already ICD-10 proficient.
Both the officers and members are encouraged to give presentations at chapter meetings. As the saying goes, the best way to reinforce a subject matter is to teach, or in our case, present to other chapter members!
They have a wonderful chapter and many of members bringing different ideas and viewpoints to the meetings. The West Lost Angeles chapter, like many others, has a wide variety of specialties among their members. They begin each meeting with an ice breaker, which is a great way for chapter members to learn a little about their fellow members.
Long range plans for the chapter include hosting more in-depth and specialty sessions, establishing a mentorship program for newly certified members, getting members more involved, and growing an awesome chapter.
The officers all believe the key to a strong chapter is in everyone, especially the officers, working together and making members feel like a part of the chapter. They work hard at having them enjoy coming every month to learn and to spend time with their chapter friends.

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