Officer in the Spotlight: A New Career Choice

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  • September 2, 2015
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I’ve never actually met our spotlight officer this month, but I know from her numerous emails and her eager and enthusiastic responses. I know I would like her within a minute of any face to face encounter. When asked earlier this year if her chapter would sponsor a “Local Chapter Officer Leadership” training session to serve the Los Angeles area chapters she gave me a resounding “YES.” The officer I’m writing about is Ruby Weissman, president of the West Los Angeles AAPC local chapter.
Ruby “reinvented” herself in 2006. For 36 years she worked in retail management in the corporate offices of a major department store chain. In 2006 the company was bought and most jobs were eliminated. She put a lot of thought into a new career choice and decided to try a career in healthcare. Ruby then narrowed it down to billing and coding, and went back to school to hone her craft. She currently works for Vantage Oncology as a claims specialist and collector.
Ruby says the reason she ran for a chapter office is because after graduating she found it challenging to find a job with no experience in the field. She went to an AAPC seminar, led by Corrie Alvarez, and spoke with her afterwards. Corrie advised her that the best thing to do is to network, starting with AAPC meetings, and to volunteer as an officer. That same evening there was a meeting at the West Los Angeles AAPC. She walked in and they were holding elections. Like most chapters they were short on volunteers and needed a member development officer. Ruby volunteered, they wrote her name in, and the rest is histor. Karen Layne, a friend from her former corporate life, also walked into the same meeting. They were shocked to see each other in their new careers, and they’ve been fellow officers since. Karen serves this year with Ruby as education officer and she contributed a lot of great information for this article.
One of Ruby’s favorite things outside of work is spending time with her family; her husband, two daughters, and five grandsons. Life couldn’t get much better for Ruby Weissman, our spotlight officer this month.
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