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ICD-10 Is Finally Here
Certified Members Must Demonstrate Proficiency
After thinking it would never be adopted, ICD-10 finally is finally here! This has some employers scrambling to be compliant and some AAPC members scrambling to demonstrate ICD-10 proficiency to maintain their certification. If you are one who has not yet completed the latter task, do not fear. Although CMS’s implementation date is Oct 1, AAPC’s proficiency assessment deadline is Dec 31, 2015. This means you have until this date to go online and take the $60 timed proficiency assessment or to work through the at-your-pace online training. We are interested in helping all certified members complete this step so they can maintain their certification. If you have any fears or hesitations about this process, please call AAPC at 800-626-2633. Our friendly member service representatives will give you the information you need to help alleviate your concerns. Additionally, as chapter officers, please share this information with your chapter members and encourage them to call if they have questions.
Testing for ICD-10
Although ICD-10 is now the current code set, AAPC’s certification examinations are still updated on a yearly basis, meaning that through the end of 2015, examinees will take exams containing ICD-9 information. Beginning Jan 1, 2016, all AAPC examinations will be updated to contain ICD-10 information.
October is Election Time
Ensure your chapter elections are run smoothly and professionally by following these easy steps:

  • All officers should support the vice president (who is responsible to host the elections) by attending the elections meeting.
  • Notify all nominees in advance and ensure they are willing to serve before adding their names as candidates on the ballot.
    • All nominees must be assigned to the chapter.
    • Nominees may only run for one position.
    • Only one person may serve in each office.
  • Form an elections committee of at least three chapter members who are not current officers or running for an office.
  • Absentee ballots should be provided to chapter members upon request.
    • Absentee ballots must be returned to the officer in charge no later than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled election.
  • Provide a private ballot for each attendee at the election meeting.
    • The committee should tally the votes.
  • Winners should be announced before the end of the meeting.
  • Officers are elected for a one-year period.
  • Within ten days of the election, the current vice president should upload the election verification information on AAPC’s website.

New AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors Members Will Be Chosen Soon
Experienced officers make the best members of the AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors. Consider applying to serve on the national level. Five positions on the board of directors will be vacated in spring of 2016 and replacements will be needed. Watch for information to come. In the meantime, consider speaking with the AAPCCA representative in your region about their role!

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