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Important Information to Know When Submitting Requests for CEUs for Seminars!
When uploading information on chapter seminars, be sure to complete ALL fields, specifically “Add Presentation Details,” before clicking on “submit.” By clicking on “Add Presentation Details” you open up the second portion of the application, which must also be completed in full. Failure to do this may automatically disqualify the application and you may be asked to resubmit. Because of incomplete applications, approval times have increased.
Financial Information
It’s time to upload 3rd quarter meeting attendance sheets
Once again, meeting attendance sheets must be uploaded online in preparation for the quarterly reimbursement to chapters for holding meetings and exams. Treasurers are responsible to upload all meeting attendance sheets for meetings held in July, August, and September. Sheets are due by Oct 15. Officers who do not upload information in a timely manner risk losing the reimbursement for the chapter for that quarter.
It’s also time to upload profit and loss information for 3rd quarter
Oct 8th is the deadline for uploading the chapter profit and loss information for the months of July, August, and September. If there have been any changes on the previous months’ statements, you may also edit that at this time. Additionally, if your 1st and 2nd quarter information is not uploaded, be sure to input it immediately.
Update Bank Information
If you’ve changed banks in the past three months, please contact the local chapter team at AAPC to provide your account and routing numbers, in order to receive your 3rd Q reimbursement in a timely fashion.
October Chapter Newsletter Template
Attached is a template for a chapter newsletter, prepared by Sara Wechselberger, Region 5 Representative of the AAPCCA Board of Directors. Use it to craft your own personalized chapter newsletter for the month of October.
Earn .5 CEU for Reading this Officer News
Thank you for reading this important chapter officer information. Now take this quiz and earn half a CEU (0.5). Stay on top of all AAPC updates for officers by visiting the Local Chapter Officer News page often. One new quiz offered each month!

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