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AAPC Ready But ICD-10 Date Still Unannounced

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  • January 7, 2009
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Like you, the AAPC continues to await publication of the final rule by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that will implement ICD-10-CM into the HIPAA mandated code set and establish the implementation date.
While there will need to be significant education and training for physicians, coders and other health care personnel to fully implement this major code change, no one needs to panic. Other organizations are already attempting to capitalize on the situation by suggesting that coders should begin training immediately. The AAPC does not believe such an approach is either necessary or prudent since it will likely be difficult to remember in three or four years what you were trained on today. It is important for you to know the AAPC has a plan in place to provide accurate and timely assistance to permit you to effectively implement ICD-10 on time.
AAPC’s ICD-10-CM Training will have:

  • The right approach – expert trainers, both general and specific training, localized training, a variety of delivery methods and Web and mobile based platform crosswalks
  • The right curriculum
    • Specific training in proper code structure, IT requirements, cross-walking/mapping, revenue cycle, and implementation
    • Three- to five-day trainings for large facilities and physician offices
    • Audio conferences
    • Workshops beginning two years prior that are both general and specialty focused
    • Distance learning modules
    • National conference tracks in three years preceding date
    • Eight regional conferences in the year finally announced for implementation
    • Numerous Coding Edge articles
  • The right timinga recommended personal training schedule that will ensure you are prepared in time for the implementation date — not three years beforehand — thus eliminating the need to be trained twice
  • The right cost – will be priced to be affordable to everyone

Once the final date is announced, we will keep you updated regarding AAPC’s specific plans to prepare all members for this substantial change. We’ll have training programs tailored for payers and providers, large facilities and small practices, clinicians, IT personnel and supervisors. In order to keep track of your progress, we’ll have a personal progress tracker on your member page to graphically track your progress and compare to benchmark schedules.
You can count on the AAPC to help you and your employers get through this change in a timely, yet manageable, manner so your daily workflow is not disrupted.
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