Online Database Reveals Patient History

A complete family history is the cornerstone of all comprehensive medical records. Unfortunately, obtaining this information from a patient isn’t always easy — especially if the patient is an immigrant. Collecting a family history from a patient of European descent, however, may be a little easier thanks to a free and easy-to-use online database.

Kingston University and Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children National Health Service (NHS) Trust recently released 10,000 plus records detailing the admissions of children who went to the hospital’s Cromwell House convalescent home in North London from its opening in 1869 to 1904. The records were added to an existing database containing more than 84,000 records for young patients admitted to the hospital between 1852-1914. Records include the child’s name, address, age, symptoms, and outcome, plus images of handwritten patient records and photographs.
To access this online tool, go to Registration is required.
Here in the states, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced, Jan. 13, that it has released a new and improved version of the surgeon general’s online family health history tool, My Family Health Portrait.
To test the usefulness of personal health care records, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced, Jan. 13, the start of the Medicare PHR Choice Pilot, which offers beneficiaries of original Medicare the opportunity to maintain their own person health records (PHRs).
The pilot will take place in Arizona and Utah and be coordinated by Noridian Administrative Services (NAS).
Beneficiaries can choose one of the PHR products offered by the companies selected for the pilot and assume full control of the data, including the information it contains and who can access it.

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