Report Is Mandatory Part of Radiologic Procedure Interp.

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  • December 14, 2015
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Report Is Mandatory Part of Radiologic Procedure Interp.

Instructions added to CPT® 2016 confirm, “A written report (eg, handwritten or electronic) signed by the interpreting individual should be considered an integral part of a radiologic procedure or interpretation.” Radiology report templates should be structured to facilitate clear, concise, and complete documentation necessary for accurate billing. Recommended documentation should include, at a minimum (and when applicable):

Certified Interventional Radiology Cardiovascular Coder CIRCC

  • Facility or location where the study was conducted
  • Name of patient and medical records number
  • Name of referring physician
  • Type of examination/service
  • Date of examination/service
  • Time of examination/service
  • Injection of dye
  • Number of views
  • Date of dictation
  • Date and time of transcription
  • Patient age or DOB
  • Patient gender
  • Clinical information and diagnosis code (if available)
  • Procedures/materials
  • Findings
  • Potential limitations
  • Clinical issues
  • Comparison studies and reports
  • Impressions
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