4 Simple Rules for Co-Surgeon Documentation

4 Simple Rules for Co-Surgeon Documentation

You should append modifier 62 Two surgeons when two surgeons work together to complete a procedure described by a single CPT® procedure code. To qualify as co-surgeons, the operating surgeons must share responsibility for the surgical procedure, with each serving as a primary surgeon during some portion of the procedure.
To ensure your documentation supports reporting for co-surgeons, follow these four simple rules:

  1. Each surgeon should document his own operative notes. Because co-surgeons each perform a distinct part of the procedure, they can’t share the same documentation.
  2. Each surgeon should identify the other as a co-surgeon. And both surgeons must submit claims for the same procedure with modifier 62 appended.
  3. The co-surgeons should link the same diagnosis to the common procedure code.
  4. Each surgeon should submit his own claim with his own documentation.
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