Infographic: Choosing Hospital Coding Credentials

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  • December 15, 2015
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Future medical coders aspiring to work in a hospital setting can specialize in one of two areas: inpatient or outpatient. Although there are similarities between the two, there are important differences you should be aware of, including which code sets are used and earning potential. View our infographic below to help you determine your path.


Certified Inpatient Coder CIC

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  1. Linda Farrington says:

    Alex, shouldn’t the statement in dark blue below the stats read, “…to code medical services and diagnoses correctly” instead of “…to code medical services and diagnose correctly?” It is the clinician, not the coder, who determines the diagnosis and then documents it. It is the coder who codes the documented diagnosis.

  2. Venkatraghavan says:

    Yes you are right Linda.
    Hi Alex, Could you please look at the statement posted above and correct it, would be better to avoid understanding about the actual role of a coder.