2009 Coding Books Need Correcting

The American Medical Association (AMA) has detected a number of errors in their 2009 ICD-9-CM physician and CPT® 2009 books. The physician society says it is essential that coding books are updated with the correct information.

Only one error has been detected in the ICD-9-CM 2009 Physician volumes 1 and 2, compact edition. Diagnosis code 305.1 Tobacco use disorder, listed on page 98 of the Tabular section for Mental Disorders, does not require an additional digit.
The following seven errors have been revealed in the full-size edition of ICD-9-CM 2009 Physician volumes 1 and 2.

  1. Code 339.3 Drug induced headache, not elsewhere classified, listed in the Tabular section for Nervous System and Sense Organs, is a valid four-digit code. Delete the check fifth-digit symbol.
  2. The fifth-digit subclassification for use with category 535 Gastritis and Duodenitis, listed in the Tabular section for Digestive System, is wrong. Replace “obstruction” with “hemorrhage.”
  3. For Nephrotic Syndrome code 581.8 with other specified pathological lesion in kidney, replace the check fourth-digit symbol with a check fifth-digit symbol.
  4. Add the check fifth-digit symbol for code 596 other disorder of bladder, listed in the Tabular section for Genitourinary System.
  5. Code V87.2 contact with an (suspected) exposure to other hazardous chemicals is a valid four-digit code. Delete the check fifth-digit symbol.
  6. In the Index to Diseases, under Headache (784.0), the types of tension headaches should be switched so code 339.11 describes Episodic and code 339.12 describes Chronic.
  7. Also in the Index to Diseases, under Vaccinia (generalized) code 999.0, without vaccination 051.02 should appear after sine vaccinatione 051.02.

Erratum pages for ICD-9-CM 2009 Physician can be downloaded from the AMA Professional Resources Web site. Look for a lengthy list of corrections to CPT® 2009 on the AMA CPT® Errata Web site as well.


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  1. aurora duron says:

    how do we know if we have the book with errors, we just recently ordered books, they are Ingenix ICD-9CM volumes 1,2,3

  2. Rosemary Bell says:

    “Watermelon Stomach” is in the ‘V’ section of the Index in Volume 2 of my ICD-9-CM for Hospitals, Volumes 1,2, & 3, published by Ingenix.

  3. Kathleen Gloekler says:

    I also have the Ingenix ICD-9-CM for Physicians volume 1 and 2 only

  4. Susan Williams CPC CGCS says:

    Under #3 and # 4 what 5th digit are we looking for.. or have i missed something ?

  5. nancy daoust says:

    In item # 4 do you mean add the check 4th digit symbol to code 596 other disorder of bladder as there is no 5th digit until after code 596.5?

  6. Regan Bode CPC CPC-H CEMC says:

    I would double check, but in years past the AMA has just resold the Ingenix product. So if the AMA is finding these errors in ‘their’ book they would most likely be in the Ingenix as well. Sorry I don’t have an AMA to verify they continued to resell this year.

  7. Denise Miller CPC says:

    Do we have a total number of errors per book and which books we`re talking about?

  8. Wendy Botie says:

    I do not understand the correction for Vaccinia- 051.02 for sine vaccinatione and 051.02 for without vaccination are the same according to the corrections please confirm this is this correct. I looked in the ICD-9-CM 2009 and this does not seem right. Please let me know. Thanks Wendy

  9. Chassidy says:

    I bought my 2009 CPT book through my school. I am currently preparing for the CPC exam. I know I need the updated coding books for the exam. Should I just buy another book? I would sure hate to spend another $100.

  10. Ashleigh says:

    Everyone should check their book. i have an ingenix all 3 vol. and every single one of those errors were present in my book. CHECK YOUR 2009 BOOKS !!!!! no matter the maker or when you got it or where…just make the simple corrections with a pen…and you’ll be on your way to correct coding.
    And wendy… it means the without vaccine should come after sine vaccinatione because of alphabetical order- so when your following it down it will fall in order no correction to the code.

  11. Vicki L. Moriarty says:

    Although it is mentioned that there were errors in both 2009 ICD-9 and CPT, there is no mention of what the errors are in CPT. Please advise. Thanks

  12. Margaret says:

    In the Ingenix 2009 Professional ICD-9 book for Hospitals – Volumes 1, 2 & 3, I see that category 532 (Duodenal ulcer), 533 (Peptic ulcer, site unspecified) and 534 (Gastroduodenal ulcer) also have 5th digit subclassification of 0 without mention of OBSTRUCTION and 1 with OBSTRUCTION. Should these also be changed to HEMORRHAGE as in bullet point 2 above?

  13. Margaret says:

    To answer my own question, No. Hemorrhage is a fourth digit subclassification!

  14. Teresa Umbro, CPC says:

    so why are we automatically getting new corrected CPT Books? We have to pay a lot o f money for them to have this occur …

  15. Cindy Buell says:

    On #3 What 5th digit should we be adding?

  16. Bernice Holland MCS says:

    Hi if at all possible, would someone kindley provide me with the correct code or codes that you have encountered.I am prepareing to site for the CCS exam.Also if any-one has any helpful hints on study
    materials please include.As for all of you entering this field good luck,and God Bless you all.
    BHolland MCS

  17. Bernice Holland MCS says:

    Hi BHolland again,my email address is bdhmedicalcoding@yahoo.com

  18. KB says:

    Susan – “Under #3 and # 4 what 5th digit are we looking for.. or have i missed something ?” In #3, the 5th digit codes are 581.81 and 581.89 (check just below 581.8). As for #4, I agree – the correction should read “Add the check fourth-digit symbol for code 596…”.

  19. Liza Baccari, CPC says:

    For Cindy Buell…….
    It is up to you to decide which 5th digit to use. The edit just wants you to realize that as it is published in the book (w/out the correction), it tells you to add a 4th digit to 581.8….but as you can see, it already is 4 digits long. So just make the 4 in “4th” a 5, so this way you know to add a 5th digit. Hope that helps.

  20. Pat Kisiel-Neunder says:

    Item #4 is incorrect on the on the correction list — it should say add fourth-digit ….

  21. brad says:

    There is a link to the CPT Errata PDF on the AMA Web site with the CPT corrections in the story. It’s probably a good idea to bookmark it once you find it and go to it periodically, as the AMA updates the Errata through the year. As for the Ingenix ICD-9-CM books and corrections needed, the AMA books this year were developed by Ingenix and differ ony by cover and front matter from the Ingenix books. If there is an announced error in the AMA or Ingenix books, you will want to check the other.

  22. Sherry Gann, CPC says:

    If using Ingenix Encoder on line are these errors corrected or are the wrong on the online version as well?

  23. Erin G says:

    i’m not bragging just informing, i purchased the AAPC ICD-9 1+2 and my book only contains above error # 7. good book.

  24. Paul Cadorette CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P, CEDC, COSC, CASCC says:

    Hello Chassidy, you do not need to purchase another book. You can use Published Errata as a resource along with other coding books for an exam.

  25. Monica Biestek says:

    To whom it may concern:
    After reading the information I have received in my e-mail will any of these so called errors in the 2009 editions of ICD-9 and CPT books, will these errors appear on the CPC exam this year 2009?
    Monica Biestek

  26. Patty Mueller says:

    What about the online version of Encoder pro, are they aware of the problems? Have they already corrected the errors?

  27. lety ortiz says:

    For # 4 above (genitourinary system 596) do you mean check 4th digit not fifth

  28. Melissa K. says:

    I looked at the AMA CPT 2009 Errata link and only saw updates for 2008. Was this an error in the article?

  29. Michelle Lambert says:

    In Issue #117 of the edge blast, 4) Can you report CPT® code 99465 in conjunction with codes 99460, 99468, and 99477?
    A. Yes
    B. No
    You can’t report this in conjunction, according to the Cpt book but on this test it makes you mark Yes that you can.

  30. Melissa K. says:

    Michelle, I agree. I contacted the AAPC and she sent me the 2009 CPT code changes from the AMA and it does have the correction that ‘99465 may be reported in conjunction with 99460, 99468, 99477.’
    So it is a correction to our coding book, along with many others, but not being able to find it on the AMA website through their link, you would not know the correct answer.
    What does this teach us…always visit the links, and if the links don’t work, ask!

  31. Suzanne D. says:

    This is a great link for up-to-date ICD-9 codes. There are none of the above errors and it’s free!!

  32. Suzanne D. says:

    Sorry. Here’s the link: http://www.icd9data.com/

  33. KJ says:

    The AMA ICD 9’s have always been Ingenix books with a AMA logo/cover on it. This is also true for the HCPCS Books. The AMA is going to be utilizing a much less reliable source then Ingenix for HCPCS and ICD 9’s for the 2010 publications. I did a little research: Ingenix ICD 9’s have far less mistakes then anyone else making ICD 9’s these days, and they are much easier to use.

  34. Darcy says:

    For the “Test Yourself” for the #117 Issue of Edge Blast on the question regarding “Can you report 99465 in conjunction with 99460,99468 and 99477” I answered “No” and got it wrong. However, according to the CPT 2009 on page 33 in clearly states – Do not report 99465 in conjuction with 99460,99468,99477. I changed my answer to yes in order to received my CEU certificate, however I do feel that I answered this correctly the first time.

  35. Marla says:

    In my AAPC ICD-9 code book the code 305.1 Tobacco dependency requires a fifth digit. After going thru some forums and contacting other coders and websites, that code does not require a 5th digit. My claims were rejected electronically due to me trying to add a fifth digit.

  36. Jo Kotlar says:

    I am scheduled to take my CPC exam this fall. All of my books were purchased in January of this year. Does my ICD-9 and CPT 2009 need to be updated for the exam?