Regional Spotlight: Region 5 – Southwest

Regional Spotlight: Region 5 – Southwest

Two representatives team up to promote, serve, and support AAPC and its Region 5 members.

AAPC is hard at work innovating the business side of healthcare to support its 150,000-and-growing membership, as well as the healthcare industry. To ensure members’ needs are not overlooked, AAPC relies on the National Advisory Board (NAB) to serve as liaison. Knowing who your local NAB representatives are is essential for an optimal membership experience. Over the next few months, we’ll spotlight each of the NAB representatives in the eight regions, beginning with Region 5. We hope you take advantage of the services your regional representative offers you as an AAPC member.
Note: NAB Committee News is a new column that first appeared in the January 2016 issue with the article, “The National Advisory Board Is Here to Serve You.”

Region 5 – Southwest

The Southwest region is comprised of the states Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. These seven states are home to over 19,000 members and 66 local chapters.
Lori Cox, MBA, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CEMC, and Angela Jordan, CPC, are the NAB representatives who promote, serve, and support AAPC and its members in Region 5. They are both from Missouri, but from opposite sides of the state.
Cox lives in Hannibal, Missouri, where she began her healthcare career as a patient accounts collector for a multi-specialty clinic. She worked her way up to the position of compliance officer before landing her dream job: working from home for MedKoder. Cox is a coding team leader.
Cox has more than 15 years of experience in multiple areas of healthcare, including auditing and compliance. She has been certified since 2002 and has held the offices of vice president and secretary of the Quincy, Illinois/Hannibal, Missouri, local chapter.
Cox became a NAB member because she wanted to represent the members of her region to the AAPC national office. She enjoys the networking opportunities that AAPC provides, as well as the educational offerings.
Angela Jordan, CPC
Jordan lives in Blue Springs, Missouri, and is not only a True Blue CPC®, but a true-blue Kansas City Royals fan. She has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare field, and has been an AAPC member for 15 years. Jordan’s career path has taken her from a small family practice, to radiology, and from a large physician services group, to a senior managing consultant position.
Jordan recognizes her mentor, Donna Barker, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, for seeing her potential and introducing her to AAPC. She knows AAPC and her local chapter have played a major role in her career success. Supporting the needs of Jordan’s regional members and serving as an ambassador for AAPC allows her to pay it forward.
As a member of the Kansas City, Missouri, local chapter since 2003, Jordan has held many officer positions, including president. In 2009, she served as a member of the AAPC Chapter Association board of directors and was chair in 2012.
Jordan has attained her dream job, working for the founder of the Kansas City, Missouri, local chapter, Sandra Soerries, BS, CPC, COC, at Medical Revenue Solutions, LLC.

Making Region 5 Stronger

Cox and Jordan both have a passion for their professions and enjoy networking with members — from presenting at local chapter meetings, to proctoring exams, to communicating with members through emails and social media. Being NAB ambassadors for AAPC members allows them to engage the healthcare community to show the value of credentialed members, as well as to assist Region 5 members in achieving their career goals.
Cox and Jordan look forward to seeing a strong Region 5 presence at HEALTHCON 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Whether you see them at the conference or have an opportunity to reach out to them elsewhere, feel free to share your career success stories with them or just say hello.
Remember chapter officers: If you’re in need of meeting ideas or speakers, your regional representatives are great resources. Cox can be reached at and Jordan at

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