Tips for Add-on Codes

Tips for Add-on Codes

All add-on codes are exempt from the “multiple procedure” concept, per CPT® instructions. As such, you never would append modifier 51 multiple procedures to a designated add-on code. Other important points to remember about add-on codes include:

  • They are denoted in CPT® with a “+” to the left of the code
  • The CPT® code descriptor will include some variation of the phrase, “list separately in addition to code for primary procedure”
  • They always should be used with a “primary” procedure (parent) code
  • They should never be listed as a primary procedure
  • Payment for these services should not be lowered as a multiple-surgery reduction

A complete list of add-on codes may be found in CPT® Appendix D, “Summary of CPT Add-on Codes.

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  1. Ruth says:

    I have a procedure that the provider did a bilateral laminectomy at C4-5, 5-6 and 6-7. We billed 63045 for the primary procedure and 63048 and another 63048 for the 2 additional levels. The claim is getting held up by an edit asking for a modifier for the two 63048 procedures because they were both on the same date of service. Add on codes should not need a modifier, correct?? 63045 is for unilateral or bilateral so the add on codes 63048 should inherently also be unilateral or bilateral, correct? Should we have billed 63048 with 2 units instead of 2 lines? I just can not figure out what is catching this. Thanks so much for your input.