HHS Says I-10 is 2013

Health and Human Services (HHS) announced last week the final rule for implementation of the ICD-10-CM code set. For more information, go to the link below:


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  1. Loretta Anderson says:

    There will be those that disagree with the date, however, there needs to be a date in place so that we can start working towards implementation. Until we get to the point in time where we can test real world data systems, billing systems, auditing, and electronic medical records for both inpatient and physician offices, we will not be able to correct or refine the way health care is delivered or the level of quality. The ability of the disease watchdogs to accurately identify health events and treatment outcomes on a large scale impacts everyone’s safety. These results should be able to be understood by any agency not only here but across the world. We need to have the flexibility to report on and oinvestigate clinically disease outbreaks. Healthcare agencies are charged with assuring quality of services along with the monitoring the cost of those services. Physician’s need the support of a reporting system that makes sense to them instead of one that has been corrupted primarily into a hybrid reimbursement system. We can do better and like my father always told me, you can drive the train or ride backwards in the caboose. I would rather drive the train.

  2. Lavanya Mohan says:

    1. The cost of tuting ICD -10 CM will be high and recovery of the amount from this health care domain will be difficult.
    2. Additional infos needed to improve certain areas, for example vitrectomy done for glaucoma patient on a day. The ICD-9 CM offers a range for glaucoma much flexible and far too beyond any comparison with any other set of codes, I understand.
    Malignancy unrevealed but tumor codes can be given-in this current coding facility.
    Knee ache and body ache may not appear on a same time. If knee ache allowed priority, body ache on another encounter. So also vice versa.