Advance for Health Information Professionals: "Cook Up a Plan to Get Rid of Your ‘A’"

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  • February 4, 2009
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Creating a certified professional coder (CPC) requires a special blend of ingredients. It takes a dash of hands-on experience, a heaping measure of training and one examination well done. Where can you find these ingredients? The AAPC has everything medical coders in physician offices, hospital outpatient facilities, ambulatory surgical centers and payer organizations need to earn certified credentials. This article gives the AAPC’s recipe for becoming a full-fledged CPC, CPC-H or CPC-P.
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  1. deenlata patel says:

    My name is Deena. I am a CPC-A. I got my certification in june07. I started working as a coder in july-07 till may-08. I had to quit my job due to personal reasons. Since I did not work for a whole 1yr, what can I do to get rid of my ‘A’. At the present time i am not working due to reasons. Thx

  2. Maryann says:

    Hi Deena,
    Congratulations on earning your CPC-A! Have you looked into the AAPC’s Project Xtern program?
    Project Xtern is a program designed to match beginning coders with facilities willing to give them field experience, and potentially their first medical coding job. Check out the website for more info on this program. It may be just what you are looking for.
    Good Luck,

  3. Leda Amore says:

    After passing the CPC in August 2008 I found it difficult to find a job as an apprentice in the Portland metropolitan area. I placed phone calls and sent emails with no luck. I am currently employed in a large teaching hospital. I am in the billing department working full time and would love the opportunity to develop my coding skills. Any ideas for an apprentice coder?? There were no openings in any of the Project Xtern sites in my area. I went to several interviews for coding positions, but I need more experience.

  4. Sherry Bentrup says:

    I passed the CPC exam in Nov 2006, I have worked full time at a facility for the last 3 years (7/06/06) was the effective employment date. I STILL HAVE THE A on my CPC, what do I need to remove it?
    I fullfilled my externship with the company I am employed with, and after three days of externship I was offerd a position as A/R follow up, have since then became the companys Billing Manager. I process ASC claims for a OBGYN facility along with Anesthesia Billing for the same procedures. I also bill all the electronic claims submissions, correct and resubmitt any EDI rejections, plus correct, resubmit all paper denials. We are contracted with all the major payors and I am in contact with them on a day to day basis, depending the situation of my claims. HOW DO I GET THE A….REMOVED from my CPC…?

  5. Linda Cumston says:

    I have 9months schooling for coding and 2 years experience as a coder. What do I need to do to remove my “A”? I am renewing in June.