Kudos to the Caller Who Helped Flood Victims

Kudos to the Caller Who Helped Flood Victims

In September, Natalie Johnson, senior marketing manager at Coding Services commented on an AAPC GoFundMe Facebook post that supported Louisiana flood victims. She mentioned AAPC’s efforts to help members during the Louisiana flood crisis. In particular, she gave heartfelt accolades to the AAPC member who called to make sure she was OK.
Healthcare Business Monthly contacted Johnson in mid-October about her Facebook comment and she gave an update on Louisiana’s recovery. “Through all of this madness of trying to rebuild the community, there are some pretty amazing stories as I actually live in the heart of Walker, Louisiana, which is one of the hardest hit areas affected by the flooding,” Johnson said.
Recovery is very slow, according to Johnson. “No one was prepared for the devastation that the storm system caused,” she said. “Much of the community still has a long way to go with the recovery process and many people still have gutted homes, and are waiting to hear from their insurance companies and FEMA if they were eligible.”
Johnson also thanks all AAPC members who have supported and continue to support the Louisiana flood victims, and she gives a big shout out to the company she works for. “Coding Services is a small local coding company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,” she said. “I am so proud of our company coming together and helping with the recovery process and doing all they can to help others.”

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