How to Download and Register AAPC's Savings Connection App

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  • December 19, 2016
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AAPC members can save thousands each year on local and national brands when using the AAPC Savings Connection mobile app. Search by location, products, or brand. Earn back the cost of your membership every time you shop. Follow the steps below to download and activate the app on your mobile device.
Downloading the App
1 – From your mobile device, visit this link. You will be prompted to log in to your AAPC account if you are not already logged in.
2 – Select Savings Connection shown in the orange box. (Image 1)

Image 3

Image 1

5 – Select Go Mobile from the lower left of the page. (Image 2)
Image 4

Image 2

6 – Write down the number shown on step #2 of the instructions. You will use this number during the setup of the app.
7 – Click the appropriate icon to get the right app for your phone. Android devices select Google play. Apple users select the App Store.
8 – Download the app as directed.
App Setup
1 – After the app has downloaded, select the AAPC Savings Connection icon. (Image 3)
Image 5

Image 3

2 – When the app has opened, select the Setup Account option to begin setup. (Image 4)
Image 6

Image 4

3 – Enter your email associated with your AAPC account. Select Continue. (Image 5)

Image 5

4 – Enter the four digit mobile password recorded from step number 6 above. Select Continue. (Image 6)

Image 6

5 – Complete your registration by entering your AAPC member ID, name, postal code, and entering a password. Select Sign Up. (Image 7)
Image 9

Image 7

6 – Your app installation is now complete. You may now begin searching for deals in your area. (Image 8)

Image 8

For technical help, please call 888-485-0058.

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No Responses to “How to Download and Register AAPC's Savings Connection App”

  1. Kim Smith says:

    This link to the Savings Connection is not available.

  2. Cindy Burdette says:

    There are no steps to download the app for AAPC savings connection.

  3. Mary Vivian-Leidy says:

    I get a license not found and it won’t let me register?

  4. Tasheen West says:

    I tried to register but cant get through

  5. Bobbi says:

    This app does not let you register , Tried several times following the instructions above to no avail

  6. Kathleen Barone-Osthoff says:

    Are the savings only available through the mobile app?

  7. S. Wilder says:

    Still doesn’t work. Please help or fix.

  8. Raymond W says:

    If on a computer, you may get the message “To take full advantage of this site, you need Adobe Flash.” There is a box where you click on to get Adobe Flash.
    Savings Connection worked for me on mobile app. After you click the “Go Mobile” box, a new page pops up. Choose Google Play or Apple App Store depending on what your cell phone is. Under the “It’s Exclusive” are specific instructions on what to do. My instructions affected the AAPC member ID: in my case, omit the first 0.

  9. Kathleen Pacella-Williams says:

    There used to be instant access to savings coupons and deals on the AAPC website through member benefits, by just scrolling through the companies offering discounts or deals. Can I still access this, or does it have to be accessed through a mobile app?

  10. Jolynn says:

    The app works great for me! I was able to get in today and register with all of my info and all the savings popped up after the tutorial. It’s easy to navigate through and find savings in other locations besides close to my house.

  11. TK Anthony says:

    Unless I’m missing something, I am flabbergasted that the AAPC app would be released for phones and not for PCs. We do all our work on our PCs. We don’t work on phones. They are just tiny handy message and scheduling toys.
    Please tell the deevelopers to get their dev IDE heated up. You can crwate multiplatform apps with tbe click of a button.
    Looking forward to seeing the real app for hard working
    people (laugh).