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Two New York Insurers Agree to Fund Database

Not long after United HealthCare agreed to shut down its Ingenix “usual and customary” database and pay $50 million to establish a nonprofit group to run a new database that will determine payment rates for out-of-network health care providers, two additional regional insurers have agreed to ante up. New York insurers, Independent Health and HealthNow New York, Inc., will pay more than $600,000, according to a Dow Jones news report.

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No Responses to “Two New York Insurers Agree to Fund Database”

  1. sharon solum says:

    Link doesn’t work

  2. Sandy says:

    Since when is the AG exempt from Extortion? If insurance companies refuse to contribute to this funding of a “non -profit group” (and WHO is this going to be?) he is suing them-even if the majority of their book of business does not include non-contracted providers. I have no problem prosecuting the real offenders but to try and shake down the entire insurance industry to further his personal political agenda is just as criminal. This is another cost that is going to be passed down to the consumers in the end.

  3. Kathy Nixon says:

    The link to the “full report” does not work – try it and see. Please resend with live link!