Show Off Your Mad Skills: Add Images!

Show Off Your Mad Skills: Add Images!

Do you want to make your presentations and materials pop with great visuals? Learn to use search engines to your benefit!
Everyone likes to include meaningful graphics and great visuals in their slide presentations, newsletters, brochures, etc. But, we don’t always have the ability or time to create them on our own.  Did you know you can use Google to find images that can be shared (even commercially) for free?  Here’s how:
Step 1: In the Google search bar, type in what you are trying to find (e.g., Anatomy of the heart)
Step 2: From the menu just below the Google search bar, select “Images”
Step 3: From the menu just below the Google search bar, select “Settings” and then “Advanced search”
Once the advanced search menu appears, scroll to the bottom and you should see a drop-down list of options for “usage rights.” Select the appropriate option for your needs (I frequently use “free to use or share, even commercially”).
Step 4: Click the blue “Advanced Search” button when you are done and, viola, you have a filter list of images free for use.

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