Free Webinars (and Free CEUs)

Free Webinars (and Free CEUs)

AAPC’s free quarterly webinars are a great benefit for members seeking convenient educational opportunities, as well as no-cost continuing education units (CEUs).

Past topics have included an introduction to the Quality Payment Program, an overview of MACRA, and the future of diagnosis coding. The most recent webinar, “Hashtag, Pound and Keeping Up with the Code-ashians,” posted in June, discusses the rapid evolution of healthcare and how to stay abreast of new ways to conduct business.

To access the webinars, go to Or from the AAPC homepage (, click on Member Benefits under the Resources tab at the top of the page, and then choose the link for “CEUs.” A link to Quarterly Webinars can be found on this page.

Each webinar is approximately one hour long, and worth one CEU. There are six webinars available, currently. Additional webinars will be added each quarter. Be sure to check back often!

John Verhovshek

John Verhovshek

John Verhovshek, MA, CPC, is Managing Editor at AAPC. He has covered medical coding and billing, healthcare policy, and the business of medicine since 1999. He is an alumnus of York College of Pennsylvania and Clemson University, and a member of the Asheville-Hendersonville AAPC Local Chapter.
John Verhovshek

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John Verhovshek, MA, CPC, is Managing Editor at AAPC. He has covered medical coding and billing, healthcare policy, and the business of medicine since 1999. He is an alumnus of York College of Pennsylvania and Clemson University, and a member of the Asheville-Hendersonville AAPC Local Chapter.

25 Responses to “Free Webinars (and Free CEUs)”

  1. Paula says:

    Can you please advise me as to how I add the CEU code given at the end of a quarterly webinar to my profile? When I go to my CEU tracker to add CEU’s, the Webinar code (beginning with AAPC060……) didn’t work in the index # field..

  2. stephanie bunting says:

    Paula did you figure this out? On your member page bottom left is a field to enter the certificate #. It is called CEU tracker. AAPC folks are great you can always call them for assistance.

    Peace, Stephanie

  3. Jessica Lee says:

    I really enjoyed my first Webinar and would like the information in a format where I can print it or save to my computer. Is there any way to obtain that?

  4. mary shepard says:

    If we are audited, what is our proof of watching these seminars? There is no certificate you can print out. You do get a code, but how is the code proof if audited. The healthcare monthly tests yourself, you get a certificate and not just a code.

  5. Dave Blackmer, MSC says:

    Jessica – These webinars don’t currently have any way to print their transcripts or save them, I’m afraid. However, they will live online for the foreseeable future (I haven’t heard any plans to remove any), so you can come back and refer back to any of them as often as you wish.

    Mary – In the CEU verification process, we’d skip over any of these free webinars that were submitted, not requiring a certificate. Our webinar subscription system has a whole process built to deliver certificates just to those who have access and complete the post-event quiz, but with these free webinars being more openly accessible to all members, we can’t use the same concept.

  6. sushma bangari says:

    Sushma -Hi can you please suggest me how to get free CEU’S AAPC approved

  7. Brenda says:

    I was very surprised that no one had offered you any advice on free CEU’s that are AAPC approved.
    I have found several besides the quarterly webinars –
    There is also the AAPC- Healthcare Business Monthly magazine, test your self –
    I also found several that AAPC accepts on the MLN website- Many of these pertain to healthcare positions.
    Good luck, I hope this helps,

  8. Patricia Cain says:

    Mr. Verhovshek, you stated that there were 6 webinars currently available but I only see 4 free 1 hour CEU’S that I can put in my CEU TRACKER. Can you explain where the other 2 are?


  9. linda bolam says:

    I need free ceu webinars for 2018 April 15th and after

  10. Prabhu S says:

    Request for free CEUs

  11. Lisa Taylor says:

    I just took one of the free CEU Webinars and it gave me an Index # but I did not have to take a quiz. Is this normal? I don’t want it to come back later and say that I don’t have enough CEUs.

  12. Brad Ericson says:

    Hi Lisa,

    You might want to call AAPC to get this straightened out.

  13. Reshmi VP says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Did you receive any clarification with regards to the free CEU Webinar quiz? I am facing with the same issue.

  14. Brad Ericson says:

    Please contact Customer Service for that information.

  15. Debra says:

    I also only got an index #. Should there be a quiz to take with the free webinars?

  16. Brad Ericson says:


  17. Tracy Haddix says:

    Is there any way to access older webinars, besides the ones listed.

    Thank you

  18. Swag says:

    How to create an account in CMS site. It is asking for Login ID. Where should I get it from? Any help greatly appreciated

  19. Brad Ericson says:

    Most Logins have a register function. I’m not sure which CMS site you’re on, but look for the words Register or Not Registered? and follow those.

  20. Cecilia Mona says:

    I need 6 ceus, I have done the free webinars and the ones on the magazine. Can you tell me or provide me with another way to get free ceus? Maybe from CMS?

  21. Evelyn R. says:

    So I just finished watching the free webinar from July, and once it was done nothing happened. I didn’t get any kind of instructions as to what I am suppose to do once the webinar is over. Please help.

  22. Callie says:


    I had the same trouble with the March 2018 MACRA Overview: 2018 Update. There’s no index number to enter for it. Did you ever get resolution? All of the others had the index number at the end of the webinar.

  23. Sydney says:

    In need of suggestions for free CEU’s. I have already used all the “quarterly webinars” and “test yourself” quizzes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  24. Sheeja Chandran says:

    There is no index # at the end of webminar : March 2018 MACRA Overview: 2018 Update. Please help

  25. Munish Kumar says:

    March 2018 MACRA Overview webinar does not show the index #, webinar presenter tells the index # at the end of webinar, so listen carefully that video.

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