Healthcare Business Monthly Going Mobile

Healthcare Business Monthly Going Mobile

Reading Healthcare Business Monthly is getting a lot easier, this month, as AAPC rolls out its new electronic version of the magazine. Now, as an alternative to the print version, you can access Healthcare Business Monthly on your mobile device — beginning with the August issue.

Dance Across the Pages

Click on page numbers, headlines, authors’ names, and illustrations in the Index to go to an article. Link to websites referenced in the magazine, and search for specific content within the magazine by keywords. Click on a phone number in an advertisement while on a mobile device and it will dial for you. You can also zoom, bookmark, and print pages; download the magazine to your device; and even access past issues with a click.
Paging through the magazine is as easy as if it were on your lap. And Healthcare Business Monthly will soon be the gateway to expanded content, such as videos, interviews, links to related articles in AAPC’s Knowledge Center, and other educational support.

Sign Up for Digital

Signing up to receive the electronic version of Healthcare Business Monthly is easy:

  • Go to and log in.
  • In My AAPC on the upper right of the screen, go to Profile/Preferences and then to Email/Mail Preferences.
  • Select the Healthcare Business Monthly checkbox to go paperless. Leave the box unchecked to continue receiving the paper magazine.

Don’t forget to verify your email address is correct in Contact Information.

AAPC Is Here for You

AAPC is developing this and other tools, training, and resources to best serve you and make your experience with AAPC better and more productive. Part of growing your career is staying current with the business of healthcare. Through Healthcare Business Monthly and other resources, we’re pleased to make these invaluable tools more accessible than ever.

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  1. Amy Whitmore says:

    Hello, I was just curious to know if you have to be a member to get a paper copy of HealthCare Business Monthly?

  2. Dave Blackmer, MSC says:

    Amy – Yes, I’m afraid the hard copy and new mobile version are exclusive benefits for AAPC members. But this Knowledge Center is open to everyone!

  3. Delane says:

    Is there a way to print the magazine?