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CPT Coding for Angiography in 2018

CPT Coding for Angiography in 2018

Angiography code 75658 Angiography, brachial, retrograde, radiological supervision and interpretation is deleted for 2018. Going forward, the service is to be reported using an existing upper extremity angiography code (e.g., 73225 Magnetic resonance angiography, upper extremity, with or without contrast material(s)).
Angiography code 36120 Introduction of needle or intracatheter; retrograde brachial artery is also deleted; as a replacement, code 36140 becomes a stand-alone code and is revised to indicate “Introduction of needle or intracatheter, upper or lower extremity artery” (new text underlined).Angi

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One Response to “CPT Coding for Angiography in 2018”

  1. Anjum says:

    I would like to confirm if CAG and PCI codes can be put to gether for reimbursment if both are done on same session as per latest CPT guidline?