AMA: 83% of Providers Experience Cyberattack

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  • December 18, 2017
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AMA: 83% of Providers Experience Cyberattack

A recent American Medical Association (AMA) study indicates 83 percent of physicians interviewed had experienced a cyber-attack of some sort.
The study of 1300 physicians was conducted by the physicians association in concert with Accenture. AMA said the the data provide “new depth to the discussion on how best to in a complex healthcare system that is increasingly connected and vulnerable to cybercriminal exploitation.”

Cybersecurity Worries Docs

Survey respondents reported being either very or extremely concerned about future attacks. Malware is the top concern along with theft of electronic patient health information (PHI). And the risk, the survey indicated, is greatest for medium and large group practices.
Three-fourths of the physicians surveyed said interruption or inconvenience to the operation of their practices is the greatest concern. They believe such disruption can threaten patient care.
The majority of physicians surveyed—87 percent—believe they’re HIPAA compliant, but 83 percent believe HIPAA compliance is insufficient. Many surveyed expressed concerns that the federal government wasn’t doing enough to protect them from attacks.
AMA cited a 2017 report by the congressional Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force, which said, “healthcare cybersecurity is a key public health concern that needs immediate and aggressive attention… most importantly, cybersecurity attacks disrupt patient care.”

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