AAPC Exams are in Full Swing!

A professional atmosphere puts examinees at ease and allows them to have a positive experience! You never know, it might even create a higher PASS rate! Set the stage for success!
We received the following email from an examinee that had such a good experience at her exam, that she wanted to share it with us!
“I wanted to let you know how pleased I was of the Farmers Branch Chapter’s first exam.”
“There were banners on the building’s two entrances announcing the location. Greeters with sign-in sheets and badges, due to security requirements, who accompanied examinees to the exam floor. The room was well set-up with the tables well-spaced out and a table per person which allowed ample space for all the books and exam booklet. The main table, where the proctors sat, was covered with a tablecloth with the chapter’s logo. There was a separate table with extra supplies (pencils, highlighters, earplugs) and water bottles with snacks for anyone. The instructions were clearly read, and the exam started on time. Everything went smoothly.
As an examinee I don’t have a complaint. It was flawless.”
Submitted by; Paula Capeto-Fisher, Farmers Branch Texas Chapter1

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