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Ideas To Boost Chapter Attendance

Submitted by Stephanie Moore, AAPCCA Board of Directors, Region 1

  • Conduct meetings in an organized professional manner – members appreciate professional leadership!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your employer if they will pay for you to attend meetings, especially if they require you to be certified.
  • Membership Development – Beef up this program. Reach out to your new members not just by email but by phone. Leave a message. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions. Personally, confirm if they will be in attendance. Acknowledge them when you KNOW they are going to be there, not by just reading off the new member list every month. Over half the time a new member isn’t even there when they are announced. Welcome and acknowledge those new members. This will encourage them to return. Explain to them the benefits of coming to the meetings (networking, education, hiring managers may be in attendance, etc.).
  • Pin New Certifications – Find out if a the newly certified member will be at the meeting and let them know you would like to “spotlight their achievement” by presenting a pin to them at the meeting.
  • Be creative. Have a picnic as a meeting with giveaways and coding games.
  • Send annual surveys in the 4th quarter to find out what day of the week, time of day and location is the best for your members. This information can be passed to the incoming board for next year planning.
  • Consider offering meetings at different locations depending on the demographics of your chapter. This may give members in different areas a chance to attend that might otherwise not be able to make your regular meetings due to location.
  • Try to vary meeting times and days so that people with regular commitments can make an occasional meeting.
  • Educational Content- Surveys can identify what topics your membership would be interested in.
  • Identify and post specialty CEUs in your announcements when promoting your upcoming meetings.
  • Meetings with 1.5 or 2.0 CEUs have more appeal and make it worth the drive for those further away.
  • Social media – Use Facebook. Create events. Promote your chapter’s social media channels through your newsletter and chapter meetings.
  • Facebook Link – Put your Facebook and other social links link in your chapter and officer signatures to encourage people to join.
  • Publish your meetings in newsletters.
  • Don’t forget to check the different interval notifications when submitting your event.
  • Food is a big draw…. but you don’t have to cater. Ask volunteers to bake. Some chapters host a potluck. You do not want to discourage attendees, because they cannot afford the food, so don’t make it a requirement.
  • New restaurants in your community may be willing to donate food or cater your meeting to increase awareness of their presence, in turn creating new business for them.

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