Burlington, Vermont Makes the Most of Chapter Funds

Submitted by:  Jennifer Martin, Burlington Vermont 2017 President
At the beginning of 2017, chapter officers joined together and decided how they would like to spend chapter funds and make a difference for their members. Below is a paragraph of what the chapter did with the funds raised throughout the year.
“In one of our first discussions as new 2017 officers of the Burlington, Vermont chapter, we quickly determined that we wanted to give back to the chapter members. Many ideas went around, but we landed on giving an AAPC scholarship to the member(s) that attended the most chapter meetings. To raise money for the scholarship we did 50/50 and gift basket raffles at our chapter meetings. We also hosted the Second Annual Professional Coding Seminar, where many area physicians, coders, and NPP’s presented. We raised over $1,800 and divided it up among the three members with the highest attendance. The goal of the AAPC scholarship was to provide ongoing education in whatever form the member chose. They can use it towards webinars, a national or regional conference, an additional credential, or books. We felt that helping our members continue to grow in their profession and providing a way to be able to do so was the best way to give back!”
Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing one of things that made such a huge difference to the members of the Burlington, Vermont chapter in 2017.

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